When Does Home Insurance Cover Plumbing Problems?

| June 14, 2017
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The basement is flooding due to a broken pipe. The water heater is leaking onto your floor. There are many reasons why homes suffer plumbing problems that lead to floods. In some situations, these are costly repairs. They can mean a significant cleanup.

Will your home insurance help you with plumbing problems? The answer to that question isn’t exactly simple.

Did You Know

If your home’s main sewer or water line has a leak in it, the damage can be significant. The damage may just be a few millimeters. A leak this size can lead to a loss of 250 gallons of water a day. It could cost $10,000 or more to replace these broken lines to stop the leak. Smaller problems, such as backed up lines or broken water heaters can also be expensive to repair.

In some cases, your home insurance can help.

Why Did It Happen?

The big question regarding home insurance coverage is this: what caused the leak, flood, or damage to occur?

Home insurance provides protection for unavoidable types of damage. This often does not include coverage for normal wear and tear. It also does not protect against poor maintenance and upkeep. If you fail to leave the heat on, for example, and the pipes freeze, the policy will likely not cover that damage. In these cases, you have to pay the repair costs.

Some policies cover water backup coverage. If the drains overflow or sewers back up into your home, the policy may cover the damage. You likely couldn't have avoided this issue. Insurance can often cover broken sump pumps as well. Specifically, this coverage applies to damage from the water moving up from the ground.

Additionally, keep in mind that standard home insurance policies usually don’t cover weather-related flooding. If rain causes your home to flood, you need to have a flood insurance policy for the damages.

What Does It Cover?

Home insurance covers a wide range of loss when a covered incident occurs. This includes cleanup costs and repairs to the home in some cases. The policy will list a limit of coverage. It will also list the types of excluded events. Most often, if a flood or other plumbing problem occurs, you can call your home insurance agent to request help. Within minutes, they can look at your policy to determine your coverage. In some cases, they can help you to get professionals to the home to start the cleaning up process.

Take a moment to look into your home insurance policy. Know what your coverage limits are before this type of event occurs.

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