Preparing for Playdates at Your Home

| December 12, 2017
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As your little one begins to grow, you often want to arrange social time with children their own age. Play dates at your home are a great way to encourage your child to make friends.

But, whenever you have guests in your house, you assume responsibility for them. Your homeowners liability insurance might help you if an accident occurs. Yet, your first priority should be to keep accidents from happening to children in your home.

Insurance Protection for Guest Risks

Most homeowners insurance policies contain bodily injury liability coverage and guest medical coverage. These types of protection can help you in case someone gets hurt in your home.

The liability portion of your coverage can help in case someone gets hurt due to your negligence. For example, a child’s friend could fall on a broken front stoop that you have not repaired. Should legal action arise, liability coverage can help you pay legal fees and compensate the injured party. Guest medical payments coverage can also help pay for accidental injury costs.

Preparing for a Play Date

Before a play date, make sure your homeowners policy holds these elements of coverage. Make sure it does not exclude common liability risks that children might encounter. The policy should cover all areas of the home where your children might interact. This should include recreational equipment like trampolines, and pet bite risks.

However, nothing goes further than preparation. The more you do to get ready for play dates, the lesser your chances of seeing your child’s guest get hurt.

  • Determine off-limits areas of the home. These might include bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, attics, laundry rooms and any other sensitive areas. Keep children out of these areas. You might even consider locking the doors to these areas.
  • If your pets tend to misbehave around guests, put them away. Pet bites can happen frequently, and they may be liability risks.
  • Set up childproofing as needed in the home. This may include safety gates, play pens or furniture guards.
  • Inquire about a child’s special needs. For example, you want to know if they have any food allergies or medical issues. This could help you avoid risky mistakes.
  • Clean your home, and put away sensitive or dangerous items. You might hide certain electronics, potential weapons or other harmful items.

Even though preparation is key, supervision is the most important part of your child’s play dates. Always know where the children are and what they are doing. Your attention could help you avoid potential liability risks.

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