Auto Insurance and Theft: How to File a Claim for Stolen Property

| May 17, 2017
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As a property owner, you likely take every step possible to help reduce the amount of risk to your car.

You lock the doors. You may even have an anti-theft device in place. And, you keep your vehicle secured. Still, someone happens to steal something out of your car. When this happens, it leads to financial loss as well as a feeling of insecurity. Within your auto insurance policy is coverage for theft in many cases.

When Does an Auto Insurance Policy Cover Theft?

Not all car insurance plans cover theft. If you have just liability insurance, you cannot file a claim for theft. If you have only collision insurance, you also do not have coverage for theft claims.

Those who have comprehensive auto insurance, likely have coverage for certain thefts. It is important to read through the terms of your policy to understand the details of it.

One key area to focus on is contents coverage. Like with home insurance, auto insurance plans cover the contents of your vehicle. This means you have protection for loss of belongings stored within the vehicle. For example, you may travel to and from work each day with your laptop. If someone steals your laptop from the vehicle, your insurance policy may help to cover the costs.

How to File a Claim for Theft

To file a claim for theft, consult your auto insurance agent first.

If you have a description of the item, a receipt or any other documentation showing ownership and the value, you will see the claims process is a bit easier. In most cases, you will need to file a police report for the theft as well. The police will work to recover the lost item and press charges as appropriate.

Even if you do not know who stole the item or believe there is any chance of recovery, police documentation is necessary prior to filing your claim.

Your car insurance agent will work closely with you to determine if your policy will cover the lost item. You should report the theft immediately to ensure you gain coverage. The terms of your policy will outline the process of completing the claim and receiving a payout for it.

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